How To Sell Your Phone To Get The Most Cash You Can?

August 09, 2019

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In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to have the latest technology in the palm of their hands. People are looking for upgradations, now and then, even when their old phones are not so “old.”

So instead of just throwing your old phones away, try to sell them in such a way to earn the maximum chunk of cash out of it which will ultimately subsidize a portion on the purchase of a new one. There is a very legible store in Vancouver & Surrey, British Columbia, “Cell clinic” with positive reviews Google and Yelp, where you can get the best value for your phone. Here you can find everything (cases, screen protections, etc.) that you can ask for your mobile phones and you can also sell used phones here.

Mobile phones turn a loss in the value the second people start using them. While you cannot make a phone look “brand new” in the blink of an eye, you can definitely enhance the already existing features by taking good care of the device.

Why Should You Sell Your Phone Instead Of Throwing Away?

The old phones that you throw away generate lots of e-waste which never gets disposed properly. By selling them to the reputed stores like Cell Clinic, you also help the environment in a way as these phones get recycled or if they cannot be recycled, then the store will dismantle it and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. Now, you can see this method is a win-win for both you and the environment. Then don’t hesitate and just go for it.

Mostly, people resell their phones or trade them into a carrier, but the main difference between these two is the amount you recover at last. While trading your phone will surely not give you the best deal but reselling definitely can, if done right. There are few tips & tricks or rules of thumb that are going to make sure you get the best deal out of selling them away without much hassle. So, don’t worry and just follow.

1. You Need A Case (A strong one)

You may think that a heavy-duty phone case might not be very good to look at, but sometimes it will be worth it. At “Cell Clinic Store”, you can find a variety of phone cases for both men and women. Also, the cases here are of high quality, and there are so many brands to choose from like Otterbox, Gear4, Casemate, Prodigee, Xquisit, Richmond & Finch and many more. So you will always get the options to pick your favourite one. A strong case will keep the phone safe and sound and prevent it from any mishaps. A smartphone case is a way to go as it costs next to nothing compared to the overall price, and you can also add it up to your advantage.

2. Safety Glass. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Safety glasses are tempered glass screens which protect the mobile screens from any scratches, cracks, etc. which are bound to happen with regular usage. These are placed on top of the phone’s display so that when a phone accidentally drops from our hands, the impact will break the tempered one but not the real one. At, “Cell Clinic,” you will get various screen protection options like clear glass, liquid glass, tempered glass, etc. So, if you want to keep the screen intact, don’t forget to buy one.

3. Clean, Clean & Clean

Nobody is going to buy the dirt (on the phone). So, cleaning it is very crucial as it will sometimes make the phone look brand new and enhance its value. By cleaning you can also increase some bucks on the deal you are getting. Go. Clean it and make it shine. If you don’t know how to clean your phone, visit The Cell Clinic Store today. The Cell Clinic offers several services including repair diagnosis, phone cleaning, accessories or case fitting and battery capacity check. By booking a repair or a phone spa with Cell Clinic, you can give your phone a chance to redeem itself and offer the best cash value possible.

4. You Want More! Then repair.

Maybe you think why to repair a phone if ultimately you will sell it to others and not use it for your own. But you should know that the more damaged the phone is, the lesser money you will get for it. So, get that screen repaired or you will end up losing some easy cash which you could have gotten very easily if you have tried. Book a repair appointment today with Cell Clinic and get your device diagnosed and repaired.

5. Don’t Forget The Charger

Yes. You heard it right. If someone is going to buy your old phone, then they will sometimes be going to ask for whatever you originally received in the box ( mobile phone). So, don’t lose out on the things and keep it as safely as possible so that when you try to sell, there will be no hassle.

6. Deals To Go For

There are various sites available which can let you compare the deals like Sellcell or Bankmycell. But the most genuine and satisfying one is Cell Clinic, where you can sell your old phones away and get the payment through the method suitable for you like PayPal, cash, store credit or electronic transfer. Here you can also estimate the value that you can get through selling. In only three steps, you will be able to get the money after the transaction. The steps include selecting the type and model of the phone, filling up a contact form and then mailing it to their address. Also, if you live nearby the store, then you can always sell the phone by visiting the store in Vancouver & Surrey, British Columbia.

7. Back Up

Before giving your phone away, backup all the personal information that you have stored on the phone as you don’t want your personal or professional data to go into any wrong hands. You should know that any tiny information, however unimportant it is, should not escape your eyes and remember to wipe it out completely from the device. Also, don’t forget to remove the sim card and external storage.

8. Other Essentials

Please always be precautious of fraudulent sites or deals and verify the authenticity every time before you deal with them. As now every transaction has been done online, there are various chances of deceit happening. Also, keep in mind as everything is online and you are doing it without much effort physically so you should make sure everything is free of any deception not only on the buyer’s part but also on your own part. Stores like “Cell Clinic” assures that no frauds are involved and provide a very smooth process of selling and buying.

So, that’s all for now. Book an appointment today with The Cell Clinic Store to get your device diagnosed, repaired and sold. Rest assured that you will get the genuine and best resale value at Cell Clinic Store.

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