Where to sell broken cell phones in Canada.

November 16, 2019

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Often times when phone screens are broken, phone owners choose to purchase a new phone, opposed to fixing the screen on their broken phone. This then leaves them with an extra broken phone and most don't know what to do with it. It turns out even broken phones are valuable when you are selling them to the right source.

Cell Clinic’s phone buy-back program now provides the perfect solution for what to do with your broken cell phone. Now you can sell your old broken or used cell phone to us for a cash e-transfer. The amount of money you will receive is quoted to you through our trade-in site https://www.cellclinic.ca/sell We then provide you with a free shipping label that you can track.

We pay the highest price guaranteed. If you find an online company paying more simply let us know at hello@cellclinic.ca and we will make sure you get a better price. We match any other online buy-back service.

We accept phones by mail or by dropping them off at our Vancouver or Surrey Canada locations. If you choose to use our mail-in service, it is at no charge. Cell Clinic will pay for the shipping of the broken phone to Cell Clinic. In the event you no longer want to sell the phone after shipping it to us, you will have to pay for the return shipping ($15).

Cell Clinic will also need you to remove any user accounts you have on the device before sending it to us. If you cannot remove the accounts because the lcd screen is so damaged or the touch screen isn't working, you can send us the device. Once we receive the phone with a broken screen, we install a new screen and now have the ability to remove your account and wipe the phone, if you are willing to give us all the credentials to open it. Alternatively, you can log into your accounts via a desktop or laptop and disable the device. Once removed, we wipe all of the data from your device.

All data is certified wiped the moment it is possible. We guarantee whatever data that was potentially on your old device is completely wiped and restored.

If you live in the Vancouver or Surrey British Columbia Canada area, you can stop into one of our stores and get actual cash, or e-transfer if you would like. And of course, if you live anywhere in Canada you can take advantage of our free shipping service. For any questions at all please email us at hello@cellclinic.ca and we will respond shortly.