Frequently Asked Questions

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Please take your device/package to a Canada Post outlet (not mailbox) to have your mailing label/tracking number scanned.

We currently allow up to 5 devices per household to be sold to us. If you have more than 5 devices please contact us at to see if we are interested in purchasing them from you.

Occasionally we give out promo codes for more money via our social media and website. Once you have chosen your device you want to well and entered the information required, you will have an option to enter the promo code.

If your package arrives damaged or is lost, you must contact Canada Post in terms of compensation. Cell Clinic is not liable for any lost or damaged goods. The devices are evaluated after they have been shipped, so make sure you pack your device well, as you are responsible.

If your postage label expires you will have to resubmit your order. Please discard old label and ship with the new label.

Yes - We accept devices from anywhere in Canada. We accept devices from across Canada - you can also shop for a phone through our online store: - or if you need a repair you can mail-in your device to us: Cell Clinic is a Canadian owned, British Colombia based business.

Yes - you can mail in your device to us and we will provide you with an estimate of the repair, and if you approve the estimate we will proceed with the repair, and then mail your device back to you (return postage will be included with cost of repair): For information about the device models that we repair & prices - please visit:

Yes - visit our online shop: - iPhones & Androids - Free shipping Canada-wide - Phones come with a 1 year warranty. Don't see what you are looking for in our online shop inventory - we have additional inventory in our in-store inventory - visit: & select "buy a device in-store."

You should receive an email to the email you provided - with a pre-paid postal mailing label. .If you do not receive an email within a few moments, please check your "all" & "spam" email folders to see if the email is there. If is still not there - please send an email to: - requesting that we resend your mailing label to you.

Yes, we have 2 store locations in both Vancouver and Surrey BC. If you live in the local area just come by the store to collect cash or store credit.

Please send only your device in the package. There is no need for any instructions, our prepaid postage label lets us know the device is yours. We do not need you to ship the charger or original box with your device.

Please use something padded to ship your device such as a padded envelope. Padded envelopes can be purchased at the any Canada Post location, where you can then immediately ship your device to us with your free postage label provided by us.

Every device we receive is immediately wiped and restored to factory settings if it hadn't been already. This ensures your old data can never be accessed and is forever gone.

You have exactly 2 weeks (14 days) to ship your device to us from the moment you initiate the sale and get your quote. If we have not received the device in less than 2 weeks your device may have to be requoted, as our buyback prices may have changed. If you do not choose the proper device and condition of your device, it will have evaluated once it arrives at our facilities and our offer will be the prices we pay on the day we received the device, not the date in the past. To lock in the right price and avoid any issues, always choose the correct device with its correct storage and condition it is actually in.

Your device's condition will be evaluated and you will be emailed with another offer if your device doesn't meet the condition you originally stated. If the device is not how you stated ( eg. locked to a user account or more than minor damage) and you would like the device back, you have that option, but you will have to pay the Canada Post return shipping fees (22.40 with tax).. The price we offer will be determined by the price we pay for that condition on THE DAY we receive the device and do our evaluation (not the day you initiated the trade-in). Please choose the correct device, storage and condition it is actually in (not just the highest payout value) to confirm the price we offer and avoid any issues. Devices lost or damaged in transit are not the liability of the Cell Clinic.

When you buy a phone on contract with a carrier in Canada previous to Dec. 2018 it is possible the phone is locked to their network and would need to be unlocked to use with another provider. This can be done by calling them directly to unlock the device. Phones bought after Dec. 2018 all come as an unlocked device if bought in Canada.

We use Canada Post expedited service, meaning your device should reach us in 1-3 days. Once received and the device is checked, payment is sent. Expected time for payment is anywhere from 1-2 days from the moment we receive the package.