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Why iPhone Battery Health Matters and How to Check It

Did you know the battery health of your iPhone can impact how well it performs? If your iPhone is laggy or apps hang and freeze, you may be experiencing degraded battery life. Every time you use your phone, you could be worsening its longevity.

What is iPhone battery health?

A new update to iOS 11 added the ability to check an iPhone's battery health. The phone will show its estimated battery capacity and whether or not the iPhone is running at peak performance. If the device is being throttled or you experience unexpected shutdowns, iOS will attempt to tell you why.
iOS throttles the phone's performance based on battery health. For other devices like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 7 this feature is really noticeable. On newer models like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, battery throttling is less pronounced.

How to check iPhone battery health

You can check your phone's battery health on any device manufactured after 2014. The device needs to be running iOS 11.3 to have the battery health update.

  1. Go to Settings -> Software Update to check for updates.
  2. Then navigate to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health.

The capacity readout on this screen will tell you how much charge the battery can hold. On new phones, this screen will read 100%. On older phones, you may see a lower capacity.

TIP:The Peak Performance Capability section will alert you to iOS throttling because of battery health. If an iPhone experiences an unexpected shutdown, it enables power management throttling. Users can stop battery throttling by replacing their old battery or upgrading to a new device.
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Tips to Keep iPhone Battery Healthy

If you're considering getting a new iPhone, you should follow these tips to keep its battery healthy. Just a few small changes to your use habits can extend the life of an iPhone battery.

  • Keep your iPhone unplugged while you are using it.
  • Keep your phone charged and plugged in when you are not. Do not worry about overcharging.
  • Keep your iPhone plugged in during your commute.
  • Try to keep the battery above the 75% as long as possible. 60% is the critical point where the phone needs to be charged. If your phone does drop below 60%, charge as soon as possible.
  • Get a power bank and keep your iPhone charged while away from power outlets.
  • Do not charge your iPhone in extreme weather. Doing so will cause damage to the battery's longevity and capacity to hold a charge. Only charge an iPhone in a room temperature environment.

Upgrade to a New iPhone

Is your iPhone's battery health already shot? You can trade-in your old device with Cell Clinic. We'll give you the fair cash value for the condition of your device. Then you can use that cash to buy a brand new iPhone with 100% battery health.